On-Farm Butcher Shop at Sugar Mountain Farm

...Oh, and just one more thing... We're building a butcher shop."

Yes, that is what I said a few days ago. Our top secret big project for the past year and a half is a butcher shop. Well, about as top secret as anything is on a small planet. The gossip has been fun and I'll admit that I have fueled the stories a bit. This big project is what has put a slow down on some other more minor projects like expanded fencing, new pastures and the greenhouse. Although we were able to get bits of each of those done so they're ready for more later. Everything in its time.

Short Version: We are building an on-farm slaughterhouse and butcher shop located on our farm so that we can get our pork to customers' fork. This will assure our farm of available slaughter and butchering capacity, guarantee humane animal handling to the end, reduce our energy consumption and expenses while increasing the quality of the meat and keeping our prices from rising. Processing is essential to farm viability. We will be slaughtering just for our own farm which helps other farmers by freeing up slots in the area butcher's schedule. The opening of our butcher shop is expected in early 2010.

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