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Graphic design, marketing, communications, photography, food-farm event, farm/tour support

Farm Fresh off the Press provides an easy-to-use and reasonably priced graphic design, communications, marketing, photography, and farm/food event and/or tour service to small and large-scale farmers, farmer's markets, CSAs, backyard gardeners, farm-centric restaurants, nonprofits, local governments and all other farming and food-oriented businesses in the mid-Atlantic region. Call 703-861-1722,…


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Seasonal Recipes from The Locavore Way

Visit: for seasonal recipes and a touch of news......

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Natural Products Expo East...& Social Media

Thanks to a friend of mine with a small start up in the healthy snacking space, I had a free pass to the Natural Products Expo East earlier this month. I was most curious about how brands present themselves in the physical space of the show and how (if) they connect this image to online social media interactions. Despite the… Continue

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Pastured Meats Available from Emma's Family Farm Fall 2010 (Maine)


Amid all of the policy work and political struggle, we all have to eat, right? Here are our offerings for Fall of 2010, many products are processed under Maine State inspection, and some are processed custom for you. The following link will take you to our blog with prices, descriptions, and contact information. Thanks for viewing:

Steve, Rose and Helen Hoad, Emma's Family Farm …


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North Country Sustainability Center

Central MA residents are working developing a new sustainability center. Farmers market, exposition space, commercial kitchen, creamery, arts center, lots more. Check out and see some of what we're working. But we need help to make it happen. Look through the site and give us some feedback, spread the word to help make this a reality.

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Letter to the editor of the New Paltz Times

The Huguenot Street CSA land is for sale for $1.5million - what can we learn from this?

What business is that of anyone else you might ask? Surely the farmers who

own it are entitled to make as much hay as they can out of

their private land, right? Well, it is probably a little more complicated than that....

That land has a conservation easement on it, purchased by the Wallkill

Valley Land Trust, with private donors dollars and taxpayer

dollars. This… Continue

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Generational Stewardship: Debt

I thought some of the folks here might like this post from my's something

I remembered from the "It Takes a Region" event last fall.

I blurted out the "generational stewardship" phrase at the It Takes a Region conference organized by the Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group (NESAWG) that took place back in the fall of 2009. I was in a working session…

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National Young Farmers' Coalition - Survey

The National Young Farmers’ Coalition got its start at the Stone Barns Young Farmer Conference in Tarrytown NY in December 2009. There, a group of young farmers came to the decision that we needed an institution to represent our interests and help young farmers succeed. The structural obstacles faced by aspiring/beginning/ young/ old farmers can be overcome with policy change at the local, state and national levels. The Coalition will bring that change with energy and organizing. In…


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Berry Crumble

... it would not be summer without berry crumble.

Go pick berries, blackberry, blueberry, raspberries, doesn't matter. Tonight I am using mixed blackberries and blueberries because that is what we have.

Mix 4 cups berries with a 1/4 cup or so of flour. Dump them in a buttered…

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USDA announces early sign-up for conservation programs in Massachusetts

Massachusetts farmland or forest land owners and managers who would like help with soil erosion, water quality and conservation, integrated pest management, forest stand improvement, greenhouse efficiency, pasture and hayland improvement, invasive plant control or wildlife habitat improvement are encouraged to sign-up by October 15th for federal conservation programs available through the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).… Continue

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High Court Delivers Ruling that Leaves Ban on Planting of Roundup Ready Alfalfa in Place in First-Ever Case on a Genetically-Engineered Crop

June 21, 2010 --… Continue

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Race, Class, & Gender in the Sustainable Food Movement

I just came across a great posting on the blog, Racalicious. The author, Janani Balasubramanian seems to hit the nail on the head:… Continue

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Race, Class, & Gender in the Sustainable Food Movement

I just came across a great posting on the blog, Racalicious. The author, Janani Balasubramanian seems to hit the nail on the head:… Continue

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Glynwood is calling for nominations for its eighth annual Harvest Awards. The Awards recognizes farmers, organizations, and businesses across the United States that demonstrates innovation and leadership in support of regional agriculture and sustainable food systems.…


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Organic on the Radio -- Organic and Food Access, Climate Change and more...

Hear Liana Hoodes talk about Organic and Food Access, Climate Change, and Why Organic… Continue

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Reflections on TEDxCambridge 2010 "How do you eat?"

I attended the TEDxCambridge event "How do you eat?" over the weekend. I thougght my observatoins would be of interest to the NEFOOD crew.

"I've been stewing on TEDxCambridge for about 24 hours so I figured it's time to put into writing what's been swirling around my head all day. I applied to attend because the topic was of interest to me, "How do you eat?" and I was curious about the whole…


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Protect Local Food/Small Farms, Support the Tester Amendment to SB510


This is a scary time for those of us who value locally raised food, raising livestock and promoting sustainable agriculture. While the National Animal Identification

System is being retooled, its successor

has yet to be seen. But while we wait

for that word, and while groups and individuals work with the developers to

craft this new program, a larger specter looms on the horizon.…


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Fast, Fresh & Green is Here! And being a First-Time Author is a Big-Time Thrill

I can't help but be excited. The "official" pub date of my first cookbook, Fast, Fresh & Green (Chronicle Books), is this Wednesday. But publishing being what it is, the book is already shipping from Amazon (and ranking number one in Vegetable books!) and is already on display at Anthropologie stores. We'll have an official "launch" party where I live on Martha's Vineyard at Bunch of Grapes Bookstore on May 7. It may take a week or so to get on to the shelves of your local bookstore,… Continue

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MA Raw Milk Threatened -- ACTION ALERT

MA Raw Milk Farms Threatened as State Moves to Make Buying Clubs Illegal

The State of Massachusetts is proposing new language to be added to the regulations that govern the…


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Who is Emily?

Emily Brooks is the revolutionary new face of the local food and sustainable agriculture movements.

She has 3 blogs on her website:


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