NEFOOD Listserv

NESAWG sponsors the NEFOOD-L listserv which is hosted by Tufts University.

Anyone may subscribe to NEFOOD-L free of charge. NEFOOD-L is devoted to the topic of food systems in the Northeastern states. Subscribers post messages to one address and have those messages distributed by email to all of the other subscribers on the list. More than 800 people subscribe.

Topics discussed include farming, sustainable agriculture, community food security, community development, education, rural development, urban farming and gardening, anti-hunger, economic development, local food systems, horticulture, forestry, direct marketing, culinary arts, conservation, land preservation, public health, nutrition, public policy and related fields.

To sign up for NEFOOD-L, please go to the website below and enter your email address. You will receive a welcome message with basic protocol and user information. You will also begin to receive messages from anyone that posts to NEFOOD-L. You may unsubscribe at any time by returning to the web address below.


                       Pre-Conference Sessions:
                               Monday, 11/10


Map of the Month: Farm Loss, 2007-2012

Each red dot on this Census of Agriculture map represents 20 farms that are no more, and each blue dot represents 20 new farms. In just five years, the US experienced a net loss of 90,000 farms. (Download as a PDF to magnify.)


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