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Our next conference will be November 11-12, 2014,
with pre-conference half-day workshops on November 10th.  More information will be available here soon.  Until then, read an overview of 2013 conference below!


  NESAWG Celebrated its 20th Anniversary at a
 Working Conference in
at the Saratoga Hilton, Saratoga Springs, New York on
February 11-12th, 2013

Our last It Takes A Region Conference, originally scheduled for Oct. 28th-30, 2012, was thwarted by the epic Hurricane Sandy.  Thanks to the tireless efforts of our staff, Steering Committee and supporters, we were able to secure new dates and welcome hundreds of our region's most committed food system advocates to the conference in February 2013.

Sponsored by the Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group, It Takes a Region is regarded as the conference for everyone doing food system change work!  Together, we built on exciting efforts underway in our region in production, distribution logistics, research, food access and nutrition, policy advocacy and more. 

This conference also marked NESAWG’s 20th anniversary.  The agenda included a captivating retrospective and celebration.  Our two-part plenary sessions, Twenty-Year Theater, was an entertaining march through two decades of the food movement in the context of broader social and cultural trends and events.  Attendees were asked to reflect upon the highs and lows of the past era:  Where were you and what were you eating? What was NESAWG doing? What music moved us? When did we first welcome the fax machine? This creative look-back helped propel our work going forward.

We welcomed new participants at least year's conference – especially emerging food system leaders and community activists. We addressed pressing issues such as food system worker equity, food production and diet, and climate, energy and agriculture. We tackled pressing regional and federal policy priorities. And we continued to explore scale, geography, and partnerships.

Our 2013 conference had it all:  food system advocates, local community food leaders, policymakers, planners, researchers, Extension and other educators, farm groups and support organizations, food supply chain businesses, consumer groups, youth, students and young food system professionals.

Conference sponsors made it possible for us to offer scholarships that made conference participation diverse and inclusive. Please join us in thanking our 2013 sponsors, and contact us if you are interested in being a sponsor for our 2014 conference, to be held November 11 and 12 in Saratoga Springs once again!


                       Pre-Conference Sessions:
                               Monday, 11/10


Map of the Month: Farm Loss, 2007-2012

Each red dot on this Census of Agriculture map represents 20 farms that are no more, and each blue dot represents 20 new farms. In just five years, the US experienced a net loss of 90,000 farms. (Download as a PDF to magnify.)


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