Policy Update - October 17, 2014

Selected News from the NSAC Weekly Roundup!

Lawmakers Are Scored on Food and Farm Policy Votes

On October 16, Food Policy Action released its 2014 National Food Policy Scorecard.  The scorecard, launched in 2012, rates members of Congress based on their positions on food and farm policy votes in an effort to highlight the importance of food policy, educate voters, and bring transparency and accountability to the national food policy discussion...

Potluck News


  • Food Safety Moderation Act Rule: Next Steps
    The comment period for all of FDA's revised rules is open. Prepare yourself for action!
  • Fighting for Livestock Farmers' Rights
    Which NE politicians have stood up for our region's farmers. What are we doing to help?
  • A Model Network: NSAC
    Managing Director Jeremy Emmi shares insights into the source of NSAC’s strength.
  • Calling for Ag & Food Research Reforms
    National Research Council's new report calls for more funding and major changes to AFRI.



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Map of the Month: Farm Loss, 2007-2012

Each red dot on this Census of Agriculture map represents 20 farms that are no more, and each blue dot represents 20 new farms. In just five years, the US experienced a net loss of 90,000 farms. (Download as a PDF to magnify.)


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