I've posted an essay/op/ed piece trying
to tease out why the word "Activist" is used as a pejorative and
arguing for a values-based justification for sust ag, instead of trying
to get naysayers to go along based on economic thresholds only.

Here in Iowa, PFI founding member Dick Thompson says it most succinctly in
this time of rapidly consolidating farms and communities " Would you
rather have your neighbor or your neighbor's farm?" I hope that soon,
the answer may change from what it is today.

I'd like to expand/tighten this essay and am looking for feedback and possible
publications to submit it to. The piece can be found at http://highhopesgardens.com/blog/2010/02/03/


Mark Runquist

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Map of the Month: Factory Farms

Food & Water Watch created this interactive map to illustrate something that people in rural America have known for a long time: factory farms farms have grown in number, and these facilities are over- whelming some regions of the country, including parts of our region.


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